Providing creative problem solving for start-ups not yet ready to grow their own data science team.

About Untangle

Untangle will not solve your problems for you.

Instead, you will take on your own data science challenges and we will provide the hands-on support and guidance you need, exactly when you need it.

Shared docs, emails and hangouts are the weapons of choice, helping you stay agile. Get stuck in, and get support in the bite-size chunks you you need.

Data Science Workflow

Untangle can take you through the data science workflow, engaging with you as soon as you are ready to extract value from your data.

  • Challenge Statement - Combining a business need and idea generation

  • Trial Idea - Prepare an idea to take forward by clarifying it's hypothesis, assumptions and success criteria

  • Model - Build a model with data science design patterns, robust libraries and generalisation testing

  • Findings - Share results with investors and customers with clear communication and engaging visualisation

  • Exploitation - Monetise your model by scaling out

Contact Untangle

If you have a data science question, want to know how we can help, or just want to say hi, then drop us an email.